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Kind Words

Over the years we have  worked with hundreds of children, families, teachers and other professionals. We have seen countless children overcome their challenges, learn new skills and behaviours, and make astonishing progress.


"Sami is totally settled at school with 2 or 3 great friends. We implemented the recommendations and he is a different child. No more daily calls from school. He follows all instructions and plays with his friends without problems. Transitions are still a challenge but they are smooth if planned in advance. I just want to say thanks for all the help that you have given us. Its very appreciated and has made a massive difference. " Sami's Mum, Surrey

"Louise was extremely thorough and identified many particular gaps that our son had at her initial ‘fly on the wall’ observation. Our son has Non Verbal Learning Disorder and it was these gaps that were leading to his aggression. Louise’s skill at identifying exact deficits is second to none and her work so far has proven exemplary. My son’s deficits had remained unidentified by school, us as his parents, a clinical psychologist and an educational psychologist. Due to our son’s age (12 years old), both us and school were hesitant to send anybody in however Louise and her team were highly discreet. When we told our son that somebody had been in to school he didn’t have any idea who she was. I am looking forward to continued success for our son". 
Mrs E, Kingston, Surrey

"Dillan had significant behavioural issues and received a very late diagnosis of NVLD when he was 9 years old. This diagnosis did little to help our family. Louise quickly and efficiently set up a programme for our teenage son which rapidly identified his strengths and weaknesses. Shelley taught us and his teachers how to best address these, including language deficits which had previously remained unrecognised, Louise’s team worked within our budget, working hours and extensive travel commitments, working closely with school and our local authority to ensure everybody was on board and funding accessed. At times it felt as though Louise was coordinating a small army. Additional support of parent-counselling through Louise’s team proved invaluable, even though we were originally a little sceptical. It most likely made the difference between success and failure in our ability as parents to sustain a positive family unit whilst implementing the programme."
Dr Edwards, North London 

“Our son was diagnosed with Asperger’s aged 7; the team spent a day observing him at school and at home and quickly identified the skills he was lacking – skill deficits that we - and others working with our son - had not picked up on. The team then trained us to help our son learn those missing skills. The results have been remarkable – he no longer cries about going to school, his concentration and behaviour are much better and he is far less likely to alienate others by the things he says. Thank you."
Parent in Surrey. 

"We would like to say a massive thank you for your hard work during the 2 day assessment. We are so grateful and highly impressed with your level of knowledge, confidence, professionalism as well as the kindness and respect shown to our family. Now, we really believe there is light at the end of the tunnel" 
Monica, UK

"When we contacted the team our autistic son was 12 years old. He had had a lot of ‘old style’ ABA therapy and a RDITM programme. He had good eye contact and referencing, a lot of academic skills, and could understand a lot of language. However, because he couldn’t always ask for things he wanted or needed he was becoming more aggressive and distressed at school and home. So he could, for example, write the chemical formula for water, but couldn’t reliably ask for a drink of water if he wanted it. Once Louise and Shelley taught us to teach him to ‘mand’ frequently and his aggressive and distressed behaviour rapidly reduced and he was a lot happier. He progressed so well that we set up a regular social date with a ‘normal’ boy- something we would have previously thought impossible. We are so grateful that the team has brought verbal behaviour therapy to us and that they didn’t see our son’s age as a barrier – thank you for your high commitment to families in Australia and elsewhere."
Jenny , Australia. 

"Since you guys started with Tim, he is remarkably more conversational, confident and outgoing, so we are delighted".  
Dad to Tim, 18 years old

"Louise's knowledge and skills in the area of Verbal Behaviour (VB) is extremely relevant in the field of autism and her continued presence within our community would be of great benefit to all families touched by this disability."
Dad, Hertfordshire

"It was a pleasure to have you in our home. Under Louise's guidance Omi has made significant and remarkable progress, his eye contact has improved dramatically, his periods of social isolation has decreased and he has begun to enjoy the company of others."
Dr Hoque, Australia 

"Louise first came into our home when our son was 3 years old. In just four weeks we saw some astounding changes in our son’s ability to make eye contact and communicate with other adults and children. Thank you." 
Sarah, Surrey.

"It was a pleasure to have our consultant in our home for 2 days. She discussed strategies, demonstrated them, then coached us as we worked with our son. We were delighted to see an immediate improvement in our boy. We really look forward to our next consultation." 
Wendy, Australia

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