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Most parents agree that bringing up children is one of the most challenging jobs there is. But if your child has special needs or is struggling with behavioural issues or addictions, the pressures can drive you to breaking point. We have become known as experts with families who have Looked After Children and families who adopt. 


Many parents we meet have already spoken to one or more professionals about their child.  Many feel bewildered by the scientific jargon surrounding special needs children.  Others carry a huge sense of guilt because their child is struggling. Does any of this sound familiar?  Or do you simply not know where to start to help your child?


It’s for parents like this that we exist.  We are a team of experienced  and highly-trained psychologists, therapists, Education Consultants and Behaviour Analysts offering specialist help and interventions for children of all ages who are experiencing a whole range of problems.  

What's more, our joined up approach means we can address all of your child and family’s needs - developmental, behavioural, social, emotional and spiritual.  We will also help you work through the other issues which may be a result of your child's situation, such as marital problems, depression, anxiety, school  avoidance, family breakdown and addiction.


The starting point is an initial consultation in your home where we spend time with you and give you the opportunity to discuss your situation.  We also offer this remotely through video calls and video / audio review. We can work with your child in a range of settings including at home, in school/college and in our clinic.  We will then agree the priorities we need to address and will provide you with the training and support you need to change things.  The programme we design for you will be completely tailored to meet the unique needs of your child and your family.


From a baby with sleep struggles, to a challenging toddler or a teenager with an eating disorder or drug addiction, family life can at times feel as though it is pushing us over the edge. The struggles one child is going through can affect everyone. Many families we meet are struggling to cope and feel that their problems will never change. Sound familiar?

We are passionate about helping your family thrive. We want to see your family blossom and become all that it could be.  What's more, our unique approach really can help make this a reality for you.


The starting point is for you and your family to have an initial consultation to discuss the issues in depth with us.  This 2 hour session will give you all the chance to talk about what you are struggling with in a relaxed and non-judgemental setting.  And rest assured, nothing you say will shock or embarrass us.  In fact, chances are, we've seen it all before.


We are a team of highly-trained and experienced therapists.  Using the very best, scientifically proven approaches from mainstream family psychotherapy and counselling, we will help you work together to turn your family around.  


Have you ever looked at another couple and wished your relationship could be as good as theirs? Relationships can be tough.  In fact all couples experience difficulties in their relationship at some point.


But with the right interventions and support things really can change.  The starting point is for you to meet with us for an initial consultation.  This 2 hour session enables you to discuss your concerns in a relaxed and informal setting.  We can help you work through a whole range of issues, including sexual problems, communication issues, abusive behaviour, adultery and much more.  We offer a relaxed, non-judgemental environment for you to discuss whatever you are struggling with.  What's more we won't be embarrassed or shocked by anything you say.  In fact, chances are we've already seen it before.


Pain and suffering are part of being human. Have you ever wanted to shut yourself off from others to avoid being hurt again?  Or have you experienced the pain of grief or abuse?  Are you struggling to cope with the way you behave to yourself and to those around you?  We provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to discuss whatever you are struggling with.  We won't be shocked or embarrassed by whatever your issues are.  In fact, chances are we've seen it before anyway. As a team of experienced, highly trained therapists, we employ the most up to date, scientifically proven methods and therapies to help you overcome whatever you are struggling with.  The starting point is for you to meet with us for an initial consultation.  This session is for you to discuss your concerns in a relaxed and informal setting.  We will then come up with a scientifically tried and tested strategy to help you turn things around.  And we will provide the training and support to help you make it work.


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