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Support Group Session


We design tailor made interventions for you, you and your partner, a member of your family or your whole family. The reason that we use a range of interventions, and no one type, is because there is ‘no one person’. Even a diagnosis of a disorder or disease doesn’t mean that one particular approach will help you to overcome that struggle. Because you are so unique in your biology, your history, your motivations, your current environment and your future goals, you deserve an intervention which is just as individual. Everybody on our small team is passionate about evidence based practice. We are passionate about research, we are dedicated to using the most recent proven interventions and we are determined to see you overcome your struggles and meet your goals.


As well as the type of intervention that you will receive being so unique, so will the look of the intervention be unique also. Some of the people we work with will see us for six sessions in a clinic. Some individuals will require a year of support which will be a mix of in-home visits, support for family members, clinic visits and skype. There are some families we work with who we see for ‘family meetings’ once a month for six months. Whatever your struggle, we will work out the type and lay-out of intervention which exactly meets your needs, from struggle through to time availability through to finance. At our first consultation together, we will be able to tell you what we recommend and where we think you would be at certain points in time with particular levels of intervention. We can do this because everything we do is science-based which means it is predictable. If we can’t support you, we will refund you your initial consultation fee.

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