We Are Network Interventions

Meet The Team

Louise is the founder of and Consultant Supervisor for NETwork Interventions. She has 19 years of experience in providing effective, validated and successful interventions and education services to children, teenagers and adults. A large part of her career has been spent training therapists and schools in effective interventions and developing robust programmes for government organisations. 


Beginning with receiving a BSc (Honours) degree in Psychology, Louise went on to Post Graduate studies in Applied Behaviour Analysis, a Masters in Child Studies (Education and Policy) and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) of 'excellent standing' with Supervisor status. Louise also has Post Graduate Certification in Specific learning difficulties (SpLD) specialising in Dyslexia. Louise is constantly updating her training and knowledge, most recently specifically specialising in Dyslexia and Co-morbid conditions such as ADD and ADHD. 


She has worked internationally, notably for several years in Australia where she designed and delivered intensive and informal workshops to professionals working in the field of autism. She was also part of the team who developed and rolled out the country's first intensive behavioural early intervention  programme. In addition to this, Louise has continually taken part in clinical research, leading and piloting her own research over recent years. Her clinical research has been in gender differences in those with ADHD and ADD and the impact of early detection and effective interventions. Her other research has been in gender differences in those with Autism, developing a very early detection and intervention tool for parents and early years teachers. This has enabled Louise to work with extremely young babies and children with suspected ASD, those at risk of developing it and babies and toddlers with neonatal stroke and traumatic brain injury. 


Louise is now based in Surrey, UK although she travels across the country to deliver interventions to families and professionals being recognised as an expert in the field of Autism spectrum conditions, Brain Injury and Specific learning difficulties.

Louise Cheetham

Consultant Supervisor

Aditi Mehta

Lead Teacher

Aditi is our lead therapist and teacher at our lovely school as well as our team Supervisor at our sister company, NETwork Interventions. She has been working with children with autism and other learning disabilities for over five years now, this being the next step for her from mainstream Education. Aditi has specialised in working in a one on one basis providing individualised interventions and also in small group interventions across schools, clinics and home settings across India and UK. Aditi has a particular passion for teaching children to transition across and between environments, such as schools and activities. She has has the privilege of developing our outdoor excursions to help make the environment safe and conducive for children to feel safe, learn and have fun!!


Aditi has two bachelor degrees in Psychology and Education, with a further Masters in Psychology and an additional certification as a Registered Behaviour Technician. 


Her background in Psychology, combined with her diverse and broad experience in Education as well as her huge heart for and gentle approach to our children and families makes her the perfect fit to lead our teachers. 

Briony Barton-Chapple

Counsellor, Play Therapist and Teaching Assistant

Briony has been a qualified counsellor for over 5 years. Prior to this she has over 15 years experience of working with babies and children. She has a diploma in Person-Centred counselling and Trauma focused and child play therapy. Other continual professional development includes Place2be training which enabled her to develop and practice counselling skills to work with children and young people. Briony is highly motivated and enthusiastic  with excellent communication and organisation skills, and the ability to listen and understand the needs in any situation. She focuses on building and maintaining relationships, so trust and rapport can be developed with clients of all backgrounds and cultures. These are key attributes of her personality and the way she operates at work and at home. She is fabulous addition to the team here at The Bridge School, working as a Teaching assistant to the children who need a little extra TLC and those who require a higher staff to child ratio. Briony provides play therapy to our children and has a wealth of behaviour training under her belt for those who need it. She also provides her counselling services to families through our sister company, NETwork Interventions. 

Belen Reales

Lead Consultant

Belen is the Lead Consultant at NETwork Interventions and our sister company, The Bridge Flexi School. She and Louise have worked together for many years now, bridging the gap in education for children and teens. Belen is a huge part of the vision behind our company, believing that all children deserve the chance to receive validated, effective, peer reviewed interventions. She has a real heart for teaching children the foundation and pre requisite skills they need across all areas of learning, from behaviour right through to language, social and other learning skills. She is passionate about teaching children to 'learn to learn' and has a lead role on the development of assessments and monitoring tools to ensure continual development of all of our students as well as our staff. 


Belen graduated with her first degree in Early Years Teaching, before going on to complete a further degree in Education due to a passion for working with children. Throughout her degree and in subsequent years she gained experience working as a key worker and teacher with both typically developing children and those with additional needs in nurseries, both in England and in Spain. Her excellent teaching methods and compassion stood out to Louise when she was Consulting in a nursery in which Belen worked. They went on to work together, Louise training Belen in the Verbal Behaviour application of ABA. Belen went on to complete a Masters degree in Psychological Interventions for children and teens and then her Post Grad Certification in ABA and supervision for her BCBA exams. 


Belen is our Senior Consultant and supervisor is in charge of creating programmes for our families. She leads the training and supervision of therapists, teachers and  parents and is particularly skilled in this area. Belen's ability to think outside of the box is second to  none. She has a strong desire to overcome all challenges for children. Working with the most severe and complex of behaviours does not phase our Brilliant Belen! 

Andy Lobb

Co-Founder, Safeguarding Lead and Head of Operations

Andy co-founded The Bridge Flexi School in 2019 following the remarkable progress of his two children being taught at home combining the tools of verbal behaviour and the most effective SpLD interventions. 


Andy comes to our team from a parent-first perspective which gives our lovely school a huge advantage. He and Louise founded the school because they saw only four square peg options for children's education: mainstream school with large classes and generic interventions; SpLD units; generic SEN schools and home education. Andy and Louise are huge proponents of home education and Louise works in many schools which she enjoys, but they see that many children are forced in to home education and many (if not all) schools are simply not best placed to optimally educate many of the children. Their children did not fit neatly in to the mainstream sector and lost their place at a specialist dyslexia school as it did not deal with behavior or emotion challenges. 


The Bridge Flexi School is a unique answer to these needs. Andy saw the success that his children had from a bespoke education at home. More and more people wanted to join this journey and there was no more room in his house! 


Andy and Louise knew that 80 per cent of children with dyslexia and communication conditions had other Challenges, they knew they had solutions. This saw the creation of The Bridge Flexi School in October 2019.


Andy has over two and a half years' experience of providing hands on, Intensive, individualised education to his own two children and a further year of experience with other children which has seen them thrive in all aspects of their lives, especially emotionally. 

Charlene Lopez


Charlene has been teaching children and adults for over 15 years and has and she prides herself on taking on the 'tough' cases where other therapists have given up.  She is persistent and hard working and thrives on building trust and respect with her clients. She  graduated from Stellenbosch University with a Bsc degree in Social Work and from the University of South Africa with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Intermediate and Senior Phase.