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Supportive Services

Here at NETwork Interventions, we believe that accessing supportive services under one umbrella is key to success.

Our aim is to develop services for your whole family so as you can thrive individually, as a family unit, and within the community.

The supportive services that we currently offer under the NETwork Umbrella are:


We offer counselling services to individuals, couples and whole families, from teens to no upper age limit! 

Behavioural Counselling 

It is not just children with additional needs who benefit from behavioural intervention services. We offer behavioural counselling services to individuals, couples and whole families to help you set goals and achieve them, from your relationships to your careers. The goal is to give you concrete tools you can apply to improving your life and maintaining balance, while you work toward success for yourself and your family.

This would typically work by having a series of one to one sessions with the behaviour analyst most suited to you. So it looks like traditional counselling, but you are an active participant in the process.

Sibling Support 

Siblings are faced with unique challenges, when living in a home with a brother or sister who has additional needs. We offer services to siblings so they can learn their strengths and what makes them unique and special, how to communicate their needs and wants to their parents and how to interact with their sibling is a positive way. We also work through the unique struggles they may be facing due to having a sibling with additional needs.

Parent Support Group

We run a parent support group in Surrey, UK, for those families who have children with additional needs. This is a free service and you do not need to make an ongoing commitment. Each month we have a different topic and are able to give advice and guidance in different areas, while connecting you with other families who are going through experiences similar to yours.

We have firm ties with various organisations within the community, both government and private. If you know of an organisation whom you feel would benefit from our expertise, or from whom our families would benefit, please do get in touch with us and let us know.

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