We know that this is a daunting time and you've to questions. Lots of them! Let's cover off a few of those worries straight away shall we? 

Frequently asked questions

Counselors (Age 18+)

Tired of flipping burgers all summer? Want to make your summer count for something? Are you ready to serve God, reach hundreds of kids, make lasting friendships, and have the adventure of your life, all at the same time? Then… Come be a counselor at Prescott Pines Camp! It will change your life! A counselor at Prescott Pines Camp is tasked with caring for the campers placed in his / her charge. It is their responsibility to protect the safety, emotions, and minds of their campers while at camp. Counseling is one of the most rewarding positions we offer, and the friendships a counselor can form with his / her campers can last a lifetime. A counselor is also a teacher who helps the campers understand the lessons taught at chapels and has the privilege of sharing the gospel with each of his campers. Though demanding, the counselor position is the most rewarding and important of all our summer staff roles. Counselors must be either 18 years of age OR be entering their senior year of high school, in the case of returning staff members. This is a VOLUNTEER position! (Eligable for Servant's Heart Scholarship)

Program Staff

The Program Staff position exists to set up and run activities, classes, games, and other parts of the camp that cannot be taken care of by counselors with kids. It is largely behind the scenes, but you may be asked to fill other roles as the situation arises. This is a VOLUNTEER Position! (Eligable for Servant's Heart Scholarship)


The photographer position is for a single staff member who will be responsible for taking photos of campers and our various activities throughout the day, uploading to Waldo photo for parents/family/friends to see each camper enjoying camp. Also, adding select photos to Facebook and Instagram and making a end of week slide show. This person will be constantly busy, and needs to have a good working knowledge of quality photography and computer skills. This is a VOLUNTEER position! (Eligable for Servat's Heart Scholarship)

Worship Leader

The worship leader position is for a single staff member who will be responsible for leading worship at all Frontier Village Chapels, and for arranging set lists, organizing presentations, and for putting together a band, if possible. The worship leader will become familiar with not only worship songs, but also with a variety of silly camp songs, which he/she may lead during mealtimes and down time, along with chapel. The worship leader will also work with the Program Coordinator to come up with the best songs to complement each message. This is a VOLUNTEER position! (Eligable for Servant's Heart Scholarhip)

Rec Team

Do you enjoy outdoor activities such as ziplines, challenge course, archery, hiking, etc.? Do you not only enjoy participating in all these areas, but also teaching them to all ages? Then you would be perfect for our recreational activities team! As a member of the Rec Team, you will be in charge of running the outdoor activities for our guests in both Frontier Village and in Main Camp, which will also include life guarding at our pool. Rec Team members working as lifeguards must already by lifeguard certified and provide a current certification card. This is a 5-10 week commitment. This is a PAID POSITION. All members of the Rec. Team will be paid an hourly wage. Food is provided if scheduled to work during a meal time. Housing is NOT provided.