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Payment, Return and Cancellation Policy

NETwork Interventions Ltd accepts payment by bank transfer and paypal. You will be required to pay any fees incurred, although most banks don't typically charge fees.


NETwork Interventions Ltd does not accept cancellations, requests for modifications, or returns for credit or refund. All sales of goods and services are final. NETwork Interventions Ltd strives to provide quality products and fast delivery of products, as well as a reliable and effective service.


All invoices must be paid within two weeks of receipt, or by the due date specified in order for the service to continue. Interest will be added to all unpaid invoices.


NETwork Interventions Ltd will request a 25% retainer for all services scheduled. This is a non-refundable payment. You may cancel your service providing three months’ notice of cancellation. Most services require booking with three months’ notice. Please refer to your personalised consent form in order to fully understand your personal requirements and conditions as these vary from individual to individual, family to family and organisation to organisation. We often require a full pre-payment for the initial consultation in order to secure your date. Sessions are then booked in groups of six, and all require full payment 48 hours prior to the session regardless of whether you turn up for your session. Any free sessions or services, if missed, will be invoiced for in full.

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