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Corporate and Business Advice 


We design tailor made workshops and ongoing training for organisations delivering services to families, couples, children and individuals. We also provide personal counselling and behavioural interventions to employees of all sizes of organisation, provided by the organisation. Everybody in our small team is passionate about evidence based practice and we are determined to share our knowledge with other dedicated professionals, who strive to provide their clients with the most up to date and effective interventions.


Some of the companies we work with will see us on a regular basis for hands on training with their clients, while others will opt for more casual ‘lunch and learn’ training session. Each company has unique needs and we will provide you with the training package that is best for your staff and clients.


To get started we are available for an initial no cost ‘meet and greet’ where we will learn about your company and the training priorities you have for you or your staff. From there we will provide you with an outline of how our services can meet your needs and work with you to create the package that suits you best. We are up to date with current media applications and can deliver our services using technological supports in a face to face or internet based capacity.


The team at NETwork are always eager to share their experience and knowledge with others. If you would like to have a professional present at your event or gathering, please get in touch to see how we can meet your needs. We are available for radio and television discussions and presentations also.


We have developed great relationships with local authorities who trust us to deliver effective, child and family focused interventions to children and families. We also deliver education, behavioural, mental health, social and communication programmes for individual children and to nurseries, schools, colleges, care homes and children’s homes. We are trusted by both the local authority as well as those we are engaged to work with because we go above and beyond for those we work with and we never, ever cut corners.


Pain and suffering are part of being human. Have you ever wanted to shut yourself off from others to avoid being hurt again?  Or have you experienced the pain of grief or abuse?  Are you struggling to cope with the way you behave to yourself and to those around you?  We provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to discuss whatever you are struggling with.  We won't be shocked or embarrassed by whatever your issues are.  In fact, chances are we've seen it before anyway. As a team of experienced, highly trained therapists, we employ the most up to date, scientifically proven methods and therapies to help you overcome whatever you are struggling with.  The starting point is for you to meet with us for an initial consultation.  This session is for you to discuss your concerns in a relaxed and informal setting.  We will then come up with a scientifically tried and tested strategy to help you turn things around.  And we will provide the training and support to help you make it work.

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