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Network Counselling

Those we journey with say we work differently from most other practitioners and teams. We use the most recent, evidence based interventions to ensure that you see change in the areas that you need it. We offer much more than ‘talking therapy’. We are not a service that you will use for one hour per week for six weeks and then be left on your own. We will have set times to meet and to speak, but we also journey with you in between these times to ensure that interventions can be implemented as a way of life. That is where the change happens. We set achievable goals with you (or your family) and we ensure these are met.


As a team at NETwork, we are trained in a number of different approaches and utilise skills from:


  • Applied Behaviour Analysis

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment therapy

  • Humanistic Counselling (person centred counselling, gestalt theory and transactional analysis)


We work integratively which means upon listening to your story we adopt an approach or perhaps multiple approaches that we will think will most meet the needs you have for counselling and for reaching your goals. Where were work with couples, we will will work with you individually as well as together. This is the same for whole families that we work with. 


Listening is the very core of our work as therapists, and what we aim is that when you walk away you will feel like that your story has been heard, that someone else has understood you and that you have a plan. 


We believe our you and your family are active agents of your own change. That is we actively encourage you to reflect on sessions outside of our time together, implement strategies we have spoken about in your daily life and relationships, and complete ‘homework’ activities and reading between sessions where appropriate. 


We believe that each and every person has gifts and talents that can be drawn out and utilised to fulfill their goals and hopes. We also know from the individuals, couples and families we have worked with over since 2008 that challenges and weaknesses that we have can be used constructively and turned into strengths. 

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