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 We recommend the following programmes: Reading Mastery, Distar Arithmetic, Language for Learning

Association of behaviour analysis

Behavior Analysis Certification Board

Joint Control 

Referral service, New Zealand

Verbal Behaviour Consultants on Counselling Directory:

Language development norms for young children:

Support Group Adelaide

Verbal Behaviour yahoo group – Australia



Natural health group

Chiropractor, Surrey (particularly for women, pregnant women, babies and children) Dr Clare Cullen 

Tel:07786 39 88 96

Homeopath, Surry Mrs Wyldeck-Estrada



  1. Suggested references into the effectiveness of Verbal Behaviour and Applied Behaviour Analysis

  2. Research supporting stimulus pairing to increase vocalisations

  3. Research Studies that Support Time Delay and Differential Reinforcement to Increase Vocal Responding

  4. Research references for Verbal Behaviour components of teaching

  5. Recovery of those with ASD

  6. Recent EIBI outcomes

  7. Increasing Vocalizations of Children with Autism and related developmental delay using Sign Language and Mand Training

  8. Effectiveness of Verbal Behaviour as opposed to an 'eclectic' model

  9. What we know about sign language with children with autism

  10. What are the differences between behaviour analysts, psychologists and counsellors

  11. The differences between a counsellor and counselling psychologist

  12. Behavioural activation treatment for depression_brief synopsis

  13. Contemporary behavioural treatments for clinical depression

  14. The difference between a counselling psychologist and clinical psychologist

  15. Article on comparison of therapies

  16. Effectiveness of ABA for older children

  17. Eikeseth paper re older children. Effectiveness of behavioural intervention

  18. Howard study comparison of intensive behavioural and eclectic treatments

  19. Sallows Graupner 2005 intensive behavioural treatment for children with autism

  20. More references into the Effectiveness of Verbal Behaviour

  21. Why behaviour is never bad - SEN magazine, Louise Kadayer

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